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For more information please contact:
Director of Lifelong Learning
& Adult Education
Bríd Griffin 087 924 10 56 

Assistant Director of
Lifelong Learning & Adult Education
Mary Mooney 087 272 23 07
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Everybody has different reasons for becoming involved in part-time education. In this challenging economic and social climate you may want to upskill and gain new expertise. You may be driven by a certain subject area or simply want to meet new people while a pursuing a variety of interests that enable you to embrace new possibilities. Whatever your reasons and goals, we hope you join us in the lifelong learning experience at Carlow Institute of Further Education and Training.

A new comprehensive and exciting programme is now available.  We invite you to explore our current programme which includes many new courses while retaining the highly popular established ones.  Our part-time adult education courses have been designed and developed to reach out and meet the needs of as many and as varied adult learners as possible.  The courses stretch across a broad range of topics and interests from hobby and leisure to QQI and other accredited courses.

We look forward to meeting and working with you.


How To Apply

You can register for a place on a Part-time Lifelong Learning programme in a number of convenient ways including:

  • Online from end of August at
  •  By phone in mid September at 087 924 10 56
  •  In person in Carlow Institute of Further Education and Training in mid September.

In certain circumstances it is necessary to apply in person rather than online or by phone. These include courses with set minimum entry requirements, or where fees are paid by your employer or other third party organisation or where documentation is required.

Ways to Pay

You can pay fees in a number of ways:

  • Fees are payable on registration.
  • By credit or debit card when applying online or by phone
  • By cash, cheque or credit card or debit card when applying in person at Carlow Institute of Further Education (cheques made payable to ‘Kilkenny Carlow Education and Training Board’)

Fee Reductions

In certain cases, unemployed persons in receipt of social welfare allowances, and their spouses, may be registered for courses on payment of reduced tuition fees. If you are eligible and you wish to avail of a fee reduction, you will need to provide the following documentation on registration:

  • Proof of current payment and
  • Proof that payment has been received for a minimum of six months

Courses for new-comers and English as Second Language have fees already reduced. Course fee reductions are not available on programmes with limited place numbers (e.g. First Aid).


Course costs are shown with each programme outline, but please note:

  • A €10 administration fee is included in the course cost
  • Assessment fees are included in QQI  programmes, but an extra fee may apply when registering for a full QQI major award
  • Costs may be charged for other awarding bodies – details available from the Director of Lifelong Learning & Adult Education
  • Some programmes incur charges for class materials/equipment– details available from the Director of Lifelong Learning & Adult Education

General Information

Learners are advised that

  • Courses commence, subject to minimum enrolment, on the week following registration, unless otherwise specified
  • In the event of a class being postponed, learners will be notified by text or email and the class will be re-scheduled for a later date
  • A commitment to time for personal study and research is a pre-requisite of accredited courses
  • It is the responsibility of the learner to secure work placement and relevant documentation for accredited courses
  • For courses which have a required minimum entry requirement, relevant documentation should be presented on registration
  • Where a course fee is being paid by an employer or other organisation, a letter from the relevant person should be presented at registration
  • Information is accurate at time of publication.  Adjustment to programme may arise.
  • Car parking is controlled and unregistered cars may be clamped and subject to release fee. All cars are parked at the owner’s own risk
Registration is available online at

You may register in the Institute from mid-September or mid-January as applicable.
For more information, please contact: 
Director of Lifelong Learning & Adult Education
Bríd Griffin - 087 924 10 56
Assistant Director of Lifelong Learning & Adult Education
Mary Mooney - 087 272 23 07 

You can also email us via:


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